What I've been vibing with lately...


If you don't own something Tommy Jeans, what have you been doing these past few months? Tommy Hilfiger Jeans is a collection in which Mr. Hilfiger created to represent his history with his brand and musicians, sporting icons and street style.

"Reminiscing on the '90s reminds me of some incredible memories - from our first collaborations with musicians and celebrities to our continued passion for pop culture," says Tommy Hilfiger. "Our Tommy Jeans collection celebrates some of my favourite styles from our early years, updated for a new generation of Tommy fans."

With his recent collaboration with supermodel, Gigi Hadid, the Tommy brand has been everywhere from the streets to runway. People are searching high and low to find these vintage Tommy pieces in thrift and vintage stores. They are being snatched up and either kept for personal style or sold online for big bucks. From bombers, jeans, beanies, t-shirts, shirts and more!

Every single day that I wear my bomber I get asked by at least one person where I got my bomber from. It's a piece that I did splurge on and it's become a staple in my wardrobe. It goes with every look and I am able to wear it day and night.

Have you got your Tommy piece yet?

Bridget Seton