Currently I've been obsessing over long duster coats to throw over an outfit. This just gives an outfit that something extra, it's a statement piece to a 'basic' outfit. Today Melbourne has produced the goods with 19 degree weather (defiantly feeling like Spring!) so I decided to whip out these short jeans and a t-shirt bodysuit.

I was looking for the longest time for a pair of knee length jeans and the only places I could find them was in TopShop and General Pants Co & Universal Store in the mens department. Unfortunately mens shorts fit differently to womens so I wasn't able to find a perfect fitting pair and the TopShop womens ones were all sold out in my size. I headed down to ValleyGirl with hopes to find something and behold... I FOUND SOME $20 JEANS.

I folded the jeans inside out and measured to where I wanted them to be on my body and simply I cut away with some fabric scissors. I then went in with my picker and picked out some holes to give the ripped design I was after. So ladies, you don't always have to spend $80 on shorts... DIY GIRL!

All the links for the garments are listed below with links.


Adidas Superstar Originals

Seed Heritage Bodysuit (Couldn't find the exact one)

Valley Girl Re-Designed Jeans (Couldn't find the exact one)

ASOS Duster (Couldn't find the exact one)

Colette by Colette Hayman Choker

Bridget Seton