These Nobody Denim distressed jeans have become a second skin for me, Nobody Denim is designed and manufactured in Fitzroy, Melbourne..AUSTRALIA! Yes, Nobody is a pure Australian label and I'm happy to pay the bit extra for quality pieces and these jeans have not disappointed in the least. Jeans are naturally supposed to form to your body shape over time and when they are jeans with rips and holes in them they are supposed to become distressed over time, thats wear and tear.

No, these jeans are not 'falling apart' or 'ripping' they are simply becoming distressed from my almost every day wear and tear. It even states on the label when purchasing that they will 'wear and tear' over time...and that they have.
Paired with these knee high Siren suede black boots, I brought these about 3 years ago now and to be honest it was such an impulsive purchase and I only started to wear them this year being in Melbourne where it's chiller than the Gold Coast. Although I'm excited to match them with my Alice McCall shorts in Summer!

Photography by the beautiful Georgie White -


Knit Jumper - Zara
Jeans - Nobody Denim
Boots - Siren

Bridget Seton