Wearing a mini skirt in winter? I believe I have climatised to Melbourne winter weather, not feeling the cold as much as I used to when I first moved down.
This is one of my favourite looks from the past week with the light colours and wrap around heels...perfect match. 

These Windsor Smith, I've had my eye on them for a good season now and finally I've made them mine. They are super comfortable when wearing a gel pad at the bottom of the shoe, as all Windsor Smith's are. I would highly recommend purchasing these babies because they won't go out of style and they are a staple for the neutral palette. My stye has evolved in the past few weeks I believe and I'm becoming more comfortable in wearing a mini skirt (even though I still believe in knee length) when it's appropriate, right fit and is flattering on the body. Now, don't miss intemperate and think I love the body con material and the short short skirt where everything is showing. No. I mean the A line skirts where it's higher on the waist and out at the legs, flattering for almost all body figures.
This skirt from Carla Zampatti is an old piece that I picked up on sale I believe it was 2010. It's super flattering and still fits me perfectly. Pieces like this will stay with me for years. 


Skirt - Carla Zampatti

Top - Kookai

Shoes - Windsor Smith

Coat - Glamorous 

Bridget Seton