Music has been a prominent lifestyle for Celeste from being born into a musically blessed family. Since early childhood Celeste has taken an interest and fallen in love with the industry. Her main in uences have been her parents, Penny Dyer (Vocal coach, Session Singer and Recording Artist) and Craig Newman (‘Dancing With The Stars’ Base Player, John Farnham’s Base Player). 

Celeste takes interest in all genres of music, developing her music into a versatile and dynamic approach. Her love for contemporary and commercial music has since seen her develop a love for many radio friendly tracks. Her love for Rap and Hip Hop community gives her an edge in her styling and creative direction, she likes to involve current trends with an edgy vibe. 

In order to style Celeste, through several meetings it has been discussed that she is attracted to Rihanna and Rita Ora and Celebrity Style Icons. Mesh, fur, leather and denim are the main textures in which Celeste is attracted to. Anything that is on trend with an edgy and ‘rock’ twist is right up her alley. 



Bridget Seton